Story Of Donatella Travel and Mega Diana Boat Marmaris

Orhan Akhan, Mega Diana Boat MarmarisI am Orhan Akhan, founder of Donatella Travel. I would like to tell you about the story of my career in Marmaris, our company and the famous Mega Diana Boat.

In 1996, after studying and working in Istanbul, I came to Marmaris for the fırst time and started a partnership with my brother Hakan and my cousin Muhittin on the Marmaris Queen Boat. Also, my lovely wife gave birth to our little gırl called Zeynep.

In 1997, we upgraded from Marmaris Queen to Green boat.

In 1998, we decided we needed to buy a bigger boat. As I really wanted to keep LADY DIANA’s name alive, we named our new boat the DIANA.

The Diana Boat was 20 years old when we bought it, and it was only 15 meters long, 4 meters wide with 30 sunbeds upstairs and 6 small tables downstairs.

The Diana became very popular in the summer of 2000. Sometimes we needed more than one boat. The same year ALI, started working as a cook on the boat.

In December 2000, we decided we needed an even bigger, better and brand new boat. This new boat was 24 meters long, 6.5 meters wide and had 70 sunbeds and 5 long tables, toilets and showers. This now became the MEGA DIANA.

In 2001, we decided to open our own agency as by this time our restaurant called ‘No Limit’ and the boat had become so popular that some travel agencies had a problem with us. This was the start of DONNATELLA TRAVEL in the same place as our restaurant.

In 2003, our one and only captain MUSTAFA joined Donatella Travel & Mega Diana family.

In 2004 the original partnership came to an end and, as I was finding things difficult on my own,. Ali became my partner.

Over the years we have improved our services on the boat and all other tours to give our customers the best quality possible.

Our many happy customers who return to us each year are not just friends but considered as our family. If they are happy so are we.

I would like to thank you all for your interest, support and recommendations.