The Newest AquaPark in Marmaris

Here is the newest AquaPark in Marmaris!

Highest wave slide in Turkey, biggest space hole in the city, pirates slide, Kamikaze, free fall, orange hall, multi slide, rafting slide, semi-olimpic pool, child pool, mini zoo, rapid slide, elephant slide and more!

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Turkish Bath Guide

Donatella Travel offers customers to have an enjoyable Turkish bath experience during their stay in Marmaris. Before getting rid of your layer of your dead skin, going for a massage and coming out glowing, clean, relaxed and ready to enjoy your holiday, do you want to read this short Turkish bath guide taken from Istanbul Dictionary?

Turkish bath, hamam, is a public bath that has been used since the Roman times. During the Ottoman period, they were either part of a külliye (a complex of buildings adjacent to a mosque) or a separate building that was run for mosques and charitable foundations.

Hamam was not only a public bath, but it also had a socializing function. Especially women went to the hamam with their relatives or neighbours to chat, eat, drink, sing and dance, even find a girl to marry their sons. In addition to socializing, there were also traditional occasions done in the hamam such as kına gecesi (henna night) before the wedding.

Parts of a Turkish Bath

  • Göbek taşı Heated marble slab to lie on for sweating
  • Halvet Partially enclosed bathing cubicle
  • Kese Bath glove made of coarse cloth for rubbing the skin
  • Kurna Marble basin under a faucet
  • Kurna başı Open parts that the customers take bath alone
  • Peştamal Loincloth worn in the hamam
  • Takunya Clog
  • Tas Metal bowl, vessel used for washing up
  • Tellak Rubber, attendant who messages and bathes the customer

Today, even if the hamam seems to lose its popularity, it is still a favourable place as part of the city culture as well as for traditional people.